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Insurance can be a tricky thing so if you’re not comfortable using an online form to get the protection you need, we’ll be happy to talk to you to make sure we learn everything about you that may reduce your insurance costs. Our job is to get you the right rate and right coverage for your unique situation. CLICKinsure licensed professionals are available to assist you and we welcome your call.

For advice, rates, starting coverage, changes, claims, or any other insurance questions…please call 24/7:

US Residents (Any time, 24/7)
1 (855) 218-3506


California Only (Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm PST)
1 (888) 884-CLICK (2542)


Have a general Question, Problem, or Comment – just shoot us an email.

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Yes, we do still get actual letters in the mail, too.
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