Truck Insurance Affiliate Program

If you own a truck sales or truck fan website, you can offer your visitors the option to compare truck insurance rates and get paid for it. Generic auto insurance offers are not as appealing to truck owners – they want to know their insurance companies specialize in covering trucks, so they can get the special insurance coverage they need.

We give you banners (see example on left) specifically for truck lovers, you put them on your website, and we pay you each time one of your visitors gets an insurance quote. It’s an offer that is highly relevant to individuals who are browsing truck websites like yours.

Click to View the Truck Insurance Landing Page

Click to View the Truck Insurance Landing Page

Already an Affiliate?

If you want to promote the Truck Insurance offer, just submit a request via the affiliate system ( to be approved for the “Truck Insurance Quote” offer. Once approved you can get banners and tracking links from the affiliate system that are specific to truck insurance.

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