SR-22 Auto Insurance
Affiliate Program

If you own a DUI/DWI/drunk driving or defensive driving school website, read on:

Consumers who have been convicted of drunk driving have a specific insurance need. They have to get “SR-22 insurance,” and a generic auto insurance offer will not work for them. Offer your DUI visitors an opportunity to compare SR-22 auto insurance rates from top companies, and you will increase your conversion rates and your earnings while helping consumers get the special insurance coverage they need.

Our SR-22 auto insurance affiliate offer is the only one of its kind. We give you banners (see example on left) specifically for┬áDUI/SR-22 auto insurance, you put them on your website, and we pay you each time one of your visitors gets a quote. It’s an offer that is highly relevant to individuals who are browsing drunk driving related websites like yours.

Already an Affiliate?

If you want to promote the SR-22 insurance offer, just submit a request via the affiliate system ( to be approved for the “DUI Auto Insurance” offer. Once approved you can get banners and tracking links from the affiliate system that are specific to SR-22 insurance.

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