Affiliate FAQ

Q: How do I get my creatives / banners / tracking code from the affiliate system?

This is one of your first steps in getting started promoting CLICKinsure insurance offers. For a step-by-step tutorial showing how to get your affiliate tracking code (aka: ‘Creative Code’), view this short slideshow.

Q: How much do you “pay per lead”?

Like most affiliate programs our payouts vary by traffic quality, consumer demographics and geography/state. But unlike most you get paid for more than just leads. Most affiliates earn $20-$25 per lead PLUS anywhere from <$1 to $10+ per other conversion (such as a clickthrough to one of our insurance partners). We call it “Pay-Per-Lead PLUS.”

Q: What is the minimum payout amount?

The minimum payout is $25. That means you receive payment when your account balance is $25 or greater. If your account balance is less than $25 it will roll over and accumulate until a future payment period when it reaches at least $25.

Q: When do I get paid?

All affiliates who meet the minimum payment threshold are paid 30 days from the end of each month. For example, if you earned $500 in March, your payment would be issued at the end of April. It’s the same payment schedule Google uses for its AdSense publishers, if you’re familiar.

Q: Can I get paid via PayPal?

Not yet. All affiliates currently receive payments by check. Although you may select ‘PayPal’ as your preferred payment option in your affiliate profile, doing so at this time only indicates that you would like to receive payments by PayPal when we implement that feature in the future.

Q: How can I allow users to bypass the ‘zip submit’ page?

If you know your user’s zip code you can dynamically pass it in your affiliate tracking link. Doing so allows visitors to skip the zip submit landing page. Here’s how: append “&params=zip:YYYY” (where “YYYY” = the 5-digit zip code) to the end of your affiliate tracking link. Here’s an example:

Q: How do I link directly to a state-specific landing page on (aka: “deep linking”)?

If you’re one of the savvy affiliates who knows the benefits of sending visitors straight to a state-specific auto insurance landing page*, but you prefer to use the static/image creatives (rather than the “zip submit” banners or the “bypass the ‘zip submit’ page” method above, which automatically take people to state-specific landing pages), then you  can customize your affiliate tracking link by appending the “url=” parameter, plus the the encoded landing page URL to the end of the tracking URL. Here’s how:

(a) Select an offer and standard tracking link from the affiliate system;
(b) Encode the desired landing page URL
(example: ecoded is
(c) Add “&url=” (without the quotes) and the encoded landing page URL to the end of the tracking link.

Here is a full example custom landing page tracking link (the 1st part is the standard tracking link; the 2nd part in bold is the custom landing page (from (b) and (c) above)):

NOTE: ‘XX’ is the offer ID and ‘YYYY’ is your affiliate ID (from your affiliate system tracking link)

* Reasons for doing this might be because you have state-specific pages on your website, or because your website only attracts visitors from one US state, rather than the entire nation. Again, the “zip submit” banners do this automatically, so if you can use those banners you should.

Q: How do I use the advanced features of the affiliate tracking system?

The CLICKinsure Affiliate System is run on HasOffers affiliate software. It’s easy to use, but also has a ton of advanced features. Many of those advanced features, plus tips you may not have considered, are addressed in this help page.

Q: Can I use the ‘zip submit’ banners (with JavaScript) on my WordPress website?

You can, if you use a shortcode plugin or some other workaround (here’s what WordPress has to say about using JavaScript). WordPress doesn’t allow any JavaScript right in your pages/posts, though (if you paste the code into a page on your site, for example, WordPress will change the code and the banner won’t work). Alternatively you can put your JavaScript banners in widgets, or just use the static (non-zip submit) banners.

Q: Where are my stats from prior to August, 2011?

For affiliates who joined prior to August 13, 2011, your stats from before that date are available in the old affiliate stats system. Log in using your old username and password (it’s not the same as the username/password you use in the current affiliate system).

Q: What are the affiliate program’s terms and conditions?

You can find them here: