Earn Money Offering Free Auto Insurance Quotes

Niche landing pages for Car, Truck, DUI, Family, Military and more. Become an affiliate. Join now to earn money by promoting CLICKinsure’s “compare auto insurance quotes” offer.

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Earn Money Offering Free Auto Insurance Quotes
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  • A unique auto insurance affiliate program

    1. Multiple ways to earn money
    2. Advanced tracking and reporting system
    3. Co-branded landing pages
    4. State-specific landing pages
    5. Niche offers and landing pages (Truck, DUI / SR-22, Family, Military, Seniors, etc.)

  • How does it work?

    It's simple. You place CLICKinsure banners or links on your website and refer consumers to us so they can compare auto insurance rates. We pay you for every revenue-generating action they take.

  • Will my application be approved?

    We review every affiliate application individually. We're looking for established websites related to auto insurance that already have traffic. If that's you, then your chances of getting approved are probably pretty good.

  • How much will I be paid?

    What makes our program unique is that we may present consumers with ads, short lead forms, or long lead forms - depending on what will pay best for that particular visitor. Regardless of what offer they see, you get the majority of our earnings. You can earn money for multiple different types of actions, such as "pay per click" or "pay per lead". This is the only auto insurance affiliate program of its kind.

  • Can I track my earnings?

    You bet! We have an advanced affiliate reporting system that allows you to review all your earnings and payments.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) for Active Affiliates

    If you're already an affiliate, or just want to know the answers to the questions affiliates ask most, check out our FAQ page.

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